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Depressor/DAO Injection: Complete Treatment in Wise County, Ft. Worth, Parker & Denton County

Depressor injections correct facial asymmetry and frowning appearance caused by overactive or weak DAO muscles. The treatment creates a lifting effect to improve the jawline contour and facial expression. 

The DAO muscle is responsible for pulling the corners of the mouth downward, contributing to a perpetually sad or angry expression. To reduce the activity of DAO muscle, neurotoxins are injected, which allows the muscles to prevail and create an uplifted appearance. 

The goal of depressor injections is to address muscle imbalance and restore a more natural appearance of your face. 

What to Expect During Depressor/DAO Injection Procedure? 
For effective treatment, choosing the appropriate dosage and injection points is crucial, that's why a professional will examine your face and mouth area before starting the treatment. 


The procedure involves minimal discomfort during the administering of the neurotoxin into the affected muscle. At Texas Chic Facial Spa, we take extra care beforehand to enhance your comfort during the procedure. 

How Long Do the Results of Depressor/DAO Injection Last?  
Depressor/DAO injection is not a permanent treatment, the results last for several months. Typically, the results last for three to six months, based on your lifestyle. The effects of the injection start to appear within a few days. 


Why Choose Depressor/DAO Injections?  
Ageing can cause the mouth to take a down-turned appearance. Muscle relaxing injections uplift the corners of the mouth to give a more relaxed and pleasing appearance. 


If down-turned corners of the mouth or a perpetually sad expression are a concern then, Depressor/DAO injections may be ideal for you. This non-surgical approach provides natural results with minimum discomfort and no downtime.  

Consult a qualified professional to assess your specific concerns and determine if this treatment is right for your concerns. 

If you're seeking a non-surgical solution to address downturned corners of the mouth and achieve an uplifted and rejuvenated appearance, you've come to the right place. 

Experience the next level of facial treatments with Texas Chic Facial Spa. We serve Wise County, Ft. Worth, Parker & Denton County.  

Our professional experts will assess your unique needs to provide tailor-made solutions. 

Steps to book the treatment 
The prices for injectables are Concierge prices and not office prices.

  • Download the MySpaLive app 

  • Take the ZOOM wellness exam 

  • Pick the service and zip code. 

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